Soooo, tonight is the last ever Episode of Game of Thrones. In celebration, my good friend Belinda from Belinda Lansley Photography called upon her kids pet guinea pigs as models once again. Helping us commemorate this important day in human and Westerosi history, Donut, Little Nutty and Starla posed perfectly for us as we turned them into characters from the show.


But here’s what we think, it’ll be a Starkgaryen takeover!¬†😮

Huge thanks to Belinda and her kids, Maya, Ariel & Louis for making the props including Drogon’s head spikes and wings, Sansa’s chain, Bran’s wheelchair and Arya’s Needle.

Me editing the final shot…

And just in case you were wondering on what we did with those carrots, don’t worry, they didn’t go to waste, what the piggies didn’t eat, Belinda made into delicious spicy carrot soup for our lunch. So perfect for me right now as I have a cold!

Millefeuille wants some of this soup!

Of course, not wanting to be left out of anything Ralph wanted to sit on the throne too, but he couldn’t quite fit!!!

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